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Welcome to Networking Families of Colorado (NFOCO)
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Attention Public:
If we could offer you FREE discount coupons, would you be interested?

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If we could advertise your business for FREE, would you be interested?

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  • Join the NFOCO site >Enroll Now (Name + Email and you’re done…that Simple!)
  • For coupons: Choose your city, category of your specific needs, your favorite business, print or save your coupon on phone…that Easy!


  • Join the NFOCO site >Enroll Now
  • Choose your city, your category, add your business, upload coupon, features and benefits of your business, enter website and email…that Fast!

Why are we offering this at no charge?

We decided it is time to give back to our communities without demanding anything in return. If you feel led to help out it is so appreciated, but not demanded, in order to benefit from this site. Imagine you are going to give to a cause and that particular cause decides to have an auction fund raiser. You say to yourself, "I was going to donate anyway but now, donating to the auction, I get a cool item or service while at the same time helping with their cause." Win-Win.

Same goes here, we hope once you realize how much you have saved from the discounted coupons, and businesses realize how much they have saved on advertisement while acquiring new clients, you both will feel led to donate to the education of our future leaders…the children.

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