funding for parents needing childcare


To make your State one to be proud of:

  1. By raising funding to help support verified financially challenged parents in need of Before-and/or-After-School Care with scholarships as well as our sliding scale.
  2. By increasing academic scores with your children by hiring more certified teachers who group tutor your children with homework after school.
  3. By helping your local businesses grow from bringing in new clients.
  4. By helping you save money with the business coupons offered.

Our Goal:

To help our cities grow and prosper by networking together as one to ensure we have top-quality education for our future leaders...the children.


History of A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. 

A.S.K. For Chldren

A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. 501c3 non-profit was formed in Northern Colorado by Bill Black in June of 2015.

Mr. Black (CSU Alumni) started the After School Kindness Program in 2007 and to date services 16 elementary schools in Northern Colorado. Its mission is to create more family time by making sure most, if not all, the homework is done and completed by the time your child is picked up.

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During the years of helping families with before and after school care needs, Mr. Black saw how many families needed his services but could not afford them. There are so many parents staying up at night wondering how they are going to make ends meet and keep their jobs. They can’t afford to put their children in before and/or aftercare but must in order to keep their jobs. That is when Mr. Black said, “No more, not on my watch, this dilemma has to end NOW". Thus, the Networking Families of Colorado was conceived.

Mr. Black did not want to be just another, me-too organization, asking for donations. That is why he came up with the idea of giving something back in appreciation of your donations.

Networking Families of Colorado was also designed for people who do not have children and are not involved with the schools. We want to help the entire community save money while helping small businesses grow. All the while, helping families in need of child care.

Businesses advertise for FREE:

Benefits: More Clients = Better bottom line profits = Better %’s off to the public.

Community Benefits:

Parents will have a top-of-the-line before and after school enrichment program for their children with certified teachers as their directors.

Even if you have no children and are not involved with schools, you still benefit from the savings of the coupons.

To date, there are over 300,000 adults 18 years and older in Northern Colorado. Imagine if each were so kind as to give $1.00 per month, what we could do to help our families and communities.

Now imagine you save $35.00+ per month ($420.00p/yr) from the coupons and what you could do with your savings. Win-Win-Win

Thank you again for your kind consideration. Please, don’t feel obligated; it only works if your donations are from your heart to help your communities grow.

Best regards to all,
Bill Black
Executive Director

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